Why use us?


Why use us?

1. No item = No fee.
Some places charge for the time and effort put into sourcing, checking, bidding and so on. But for us its plain and simple, if you don't win/get buy the item, there is absolutely no fee and 100% refund on any deposit made.

2. Constant updates all the way - Whilst our stated turn overtime is usually around 14 days, usually its around 8-14 from payment to your doorstep (usually) - Tracking is sent and constant communication is made. Messages are usually responded to within 3-4 hours.

3. Transparency and no hidden costs. Part of the reason JDMTours was made was because from our own experience, other services charged other fees like handling, holding, repackaging, etc. Other services usually add a little bit where possible - with us, there are no fee's associated with any of those - simply the item + shipping + commission. In addition to shipping, we charge based on the weight. Whilst we can only estimate before physically weighing everything, when an overestimate is made, the difference is then returned to the customer if necessary.

4. Exchange rate - as banks in all countries tend to use their own exchange rate - this is usually a small % higher than the real market rate (thats how banks make their money). However simply using google to convert amounts to your local currency is what we would charge, its just an extra way to save you a little bit of money. For the exact amount you will be charged - use google to simply convert. 

5. All bidding is done manually - with local Japanese people checking bidding listings before actually bidding. On the odd occasion the picture maybe misunderstood, or mis-translated by google - sometimes stores or websites in Japan are offering a service as opposed to an item. If that is so it will be checked before actual buying/bidding.

6. We help you search for items - whilst its difficult to find absolutely everything, helping you search is part of our service and not charged.