JDM Scene

If you have a passion for cars - particularly Japanese cars, then I'm certain that you have done some googling regarding where to go, what to do. I've been in the same situation and found that the lists were always incomplete, not up to date, or really wishy washy.
Because of my experience, I've compiled a list that will be constantly updated(when possible) with the spots you should have on your list when you want to see what the car culture and history is really like here in Japan.
Some places are quite remote, inaccessible, or simply inconvenient without a vehicle or guide.
If you have any suggestions or questions or queries please e-mail me at
<h2><strong>1. Daikoku Futo</strong></h2>
〒230-0054 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, 鶴見区大黒ふ頭15
<iframe style="border: 0;" src="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d16378.047492850625!2d139.66773048531564!3d35.45934769387075!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0000000000000000%3A0xfcdaf303c791900b!2sDaikokufuto+Central+Park!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sjp!4v1463703415431" width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

This place is all over the internet, but really quite inaccessible without a car. Sure - you can take a taxi from Yokohama or Tokyo but its going to be very expensive. On top of that, many taxi's refuse to go there due to how far it is and the lack of passengers in that general area (because you need a car!)
On any given night, (and day on the weekends) you'll most probably see some cool cars here. Sometimes a few, sometimes packed. It has a almost spiralling drive way in and out causing the echoes of the exhausts of cars to create a symphony. It’s really quite epic.
<strong>Best time to visit:</strong> Friday + Saturday night
<strong>Time:</strong> 9pm onwards
<strong>Accessibility:</strong> Car only
<h2><strong>2. UDX Parking Area - Akiba</strong></h2>
〒101-0021 Tokyo, Chiyoda, 外神田4−14−1
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A lesser known spot but very accessible for anyone. The scene here is a little different to your usual idea of "JDM" - however ironically it is very JDM. Known as the Itasha(痛車) scene. The cars here range from wagons, street racers, luxury - and everything else in between except with a spin - The cars are covered in the drivers favourite anime or manga characters and sometimes the interior is filled with toys and memorabilia too. It’s truly interesting.
This spot can be a little hit and miss - There's a designated area on level 2 for these cars and is sometimes even blocked off for those types of cars only. The parking area is amazingly spotless especially for a car park - no oil stains on the roads and clean concrete floors with great lighting.
<strong>Best time to visit:</strong> Friday and Saturday night
<strong>Time:</strong> 8pm onwards
<strong>Accessibility:</strong> on-foot (5 minuites) from Akihabara Station
<h2><strong>3. Spoon Sports & Type One</strong></h2>
〒167-0051 Tokyo, Suginami, Ogikubo, 5 Chome−2−4 ライオンズマンション荻窪 8
<iframe style="border: 0;" src="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3240.0369354051104!2d139.6151241012142!3d35.700708686413!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x6018edf8607d7c35%3A0x9baa62c845be3137!2z44CSMTY3LTAwNTEgVMWNa3nFjS10bywgU3VnaW5hbWkta3UsIE9naWt1Ym8sIDUgQ2hvbWXiiJIy4oiSNCDjg6njgqTjgqrjg7Pjgrrjg57jg7Pjgrfjg6fjg7Pojbvnqqo!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sjp!4v1463703438508" width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
Type One is great for all the Honda fans out there - The garage of Spoon Sports. On the same road is also the main office. If you’re lucky, you might see a race car or two parked on the road directly outside and the garage is very accommodating.
Type One and Spoon Sports is a little off the beaten path and is a little out of the way – Nevertheless for any Honda Fan especially, it’s a must visit. You may even get to meet Mr Spoon himself – Tatsuru Ichishima.

<strong>Best time to visit:</strong> Monday to Friday Only (closed weekends)
<strong>Time:</strong> 9am-5pm
<strong>Accessibility:</strong> About 20 minutes by train from downtown Tokyo (Shinjuku) then about another 15 minutes on foot from Ogikubo Station.
<h2><strong>4. Super Autobacs Yokohama</strong></h2>
<span class="widget-pane-section-info-text">4-3-8 Minatomirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 220-0012</span>
<iframe style="border: 0;" src="!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d2579.336693912819!2d139.62431360575138!3d35.46071869948193!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0%3A0xbd148a1311e13736!2sSuper+Autobacs+Yokohamaminatomirai!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sjp!4v1469372439892" width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
This place is a haven for shopping for small bits and pieces, even if you don't buy anything its worth it at least once. Here you'll find lots of cool stuff from DEFI Gauges, Nardi steering wheels, Audio stuff, and even Recaros'. Wheels and other bulkier stuff is available too but if your looking for something extremely specific to your car then you may not find it here - but for overall generic items that fit most cars this place is great. There are plenty of Autobacs stores around Japan however i chose Yokohama in particular because its in walking distance of Nissan Head Office and is conveniently located in Yokohama.
<strong>Best time to visit:</strong> Open Daily
<strong>Time:</strong> 11am-9pm - However would suggest avoid going to and from there during peak hour on a working day
<strong>Accessibility:</strong> Train to Yokohama from Tokyo + 15 walk (Takashimacho station is also near by)

<h2><strong>5.Nissan Head Office Japan</strong></h2>
〒220-8686 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Takashima, 1 Chome−1−1
<iframe style="border: 0;" src="!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d2579.3024443921327!2d139.6245946166769!3d35.461786832556136!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x60185c6b3f66486f%3A0x56762c06bbe4a64d!2sNissan+Global+Headquarters+Gallery!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sjp!4v1469372833872" width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

For the Nissan Fans out there this place is pretty fun, however quite small and you probably will only be there for about 20 minutes. The ground floor usually has some upcoming cars on display along side a few of their race cars and the souvenir shop is also worth checking out. You may see around 20-30 cars here ranging from their new/ upcoming stuff to some more rare prototype cars. There's not much more to it but its worth checking out if your in the area - Plus - Yokohama is quite a scenic place especially at night.

<strong>Best time to visit:</strong> Open Daily
<strong>Time:</strong> 8am-10pm - However would suggest avoid going to and from there during peak hour on a working day
<strong>Accessibility:</strong> Train to Yokohama Station from Tokyo + 10 minute walk (Shin-Takashima) station is also near by.