JDM Tours doesn't actually work as a store front - we more of assist in ordering and obtaining parts out of Japan.

This service is mainly designed for customers who know what they are looking for - not as a store front.
If you know specifically want and are having a hard time getting it locally - or just want to check the price when getting it sent from Japan, let us know.

Yahoo Auction

Yahoo buying can be very difficult for those living overseas and those who are unfamiliar - In short, it is very similiar to eBay and can be a treasure trove of rare JDM parts. 

There are other services out there that assist with buying  however often overcharge and skim charges where possible. JDMTours has a flat fee of 10% of the total shipped cost.

To search/buy - Visit auctions http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/  to search for your item!

Using Keywords are useful For example; R32, Mugen, Nismo, dc2, Type R etc. Whilst we generally do not search for your item for you, send us a message if you are having difficulty as the language barriers can be difficult. 

There are also some websites that provide English translations however they can sometimes be inaccurate.

Send us an e-mail or a facebook message (see links at the bottom of the page) with your request. 

Once checked and agreed, (some items are excluded). Make a deposit and we will do the rest! If you don't win the auction 100% refund will be made.

OEM Parts

Whether you are after Toyota, Nissan, Mazda or Honda parts (or any JDM manufacturer) provided it is not discontinued we can get it for you. We have developed a strong working relationship with many of the Japanese automotive companies here in Japan and are able to pass on the savings to you. We often get told we are much cheaper and have a higher turnover rate than our competitors.

Oem parts are available worldwide, but sometimes they can be difficult in your home country - send us a diagram of what you are after or the part number and we will give you a quote. We pass on the savings to our customers and do not add any markup - only the blanket 10% of the total shipped amount


Upgarage, Amazon, and Rakuten are other common websites you may want to check/search for your desired part. feel free to send us a link to what your after, and the same rules apply as previously mentioned. If you are having trouble finding your part, feel free to send us the part number or a picture and we can contact the manufacturer directly.